Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet


Displays the balance of your accounts at two different points in time. These two dates can be changed: clicking on it will display a calendar to pick another date.


All ASSET, LIABILITY and EQUITY accounts will be aggregated and displayed.

  • The Current Year Earnings corresponds to the Net profit of your company since the beginning of the financial year.
  • The Retained Earnings corresponds to the Net profit of your company from its beginning up to the end of the previous financial year.


Two dates have to be selected on the widget. The left-column date corresponds to the most recent point in time and must therefore be a greater date than the right-column date.

See it in Xero

In the Xero menu: Reports > Balance Sheet.

Pay attention to:

  • the dates configured in the widget compared to those used to generate Xero Balance Sheet report
  • use the default balance sheet report from Xero, not a custom one as Impac! widget will not reflect your customisation


See it in QuickBooks

QuickBooks has a report named "Balance Sheet".

The current balance sheet is displayed on Impac in the first column by default. It can be compared with the QBO current balance if you set the dates of the reports to “All dates”

Noticeable differences with the Impac! widget

Impac! simplifies the display: only the accounts and not the parent accounts are displayed.


See it in MYOB AccountRight

MYOB Balance Sheet is located under Reports > Index to Reports > Accounts > Balance Sheet.

 The default options will display the correct balance sheet:

  • As of to be set to today
  • Financial Year to be set to Next Year (FY XXXX)

Noticeable differences with the Impac! widget

Time ranges are not managed in the same way between MYOB AccountRight and Impac!, but reports results will be similar within the same selected time ranges.